My Writing

Constance - A young heiress and her cousin come into contact with the teachings of John Wycliffe.  My first novella.  First draft written in 2009, no rewriting.

More Than Conquerors - Faith, friendship and romance during the Huguenot Wars.  Rather a mix of Deborah Alcock and G. A. Henty, producing an odd plot and style.  Novella written in 2010.

Love and Laughter - The romances and humorous adventures of girls in a pioneering town, seen through the eyes of fifteen year old Anna.  My first full-length novel; first draft written in November 2011.

A Woman in Shadow - A French Revolution novel of mystery and romance, including Sir Percy Blakeney and the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel as secondary characters.  My currect project for Camp Nanowrimo.

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