Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello from the land of Nano!

I guess saying that I'm in the land of Nano isn't exactly accurate.  In these three days I've only done 2715 words of After the Holiday, which, as you know now, is my current novel. 

Aaaanyways, yesterday I went to a simply spectacular writing workshop.  I learned about a lot of writing techniques that I've been doing almost unconsciously.  It was really helpful and on top of that the workshop leader and an amazing testimony of God's work in his life as an author.  Now I'm at my bestie's house recovering from a stupendous surprise birthday party for her sister (who is incidentally also a dear friend, but I shouldn't need to say that.)

But back to writing.  Instead of doing it myself, I convinced my friends' 11 year old little sister (who is another of my friends, but I'll stop now) to do the NaNoWriMo Young Writer's Program.  A car ride full of brainstorming and now she has a full-fledged plot of a girl who dreamt of going to Costa Rica and had her dream come true when she got cancer.  She's now sitting in front of the computer beside me asking me questions about what she should put in her story and telling me that I should be writing.

Yes, dearie, I should, but I can't concentrate on writing while you're asking me questions.  It's easier to concentrate on a blog post.

My laptop background, made by the talented Natasha.