Friday, June 1, 2012

All writing is propaganda, in one form or another.

There!  That grabbed your attention, didn’t it?  It is a truth that should be universally acknowledged that the first post on a new blog should be very attention-grabbing indeed.

Perhaps you were wondering about the quote I used for my blog name and have on my header.  I think I can safely say that the majority of us (fortunately) do not think it is their business to tangle with people’s emotions.
“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” - James A. Michener
But (and here I come back to my title), writing makes you feel.  When you read a good book, in a sense, your emotions get tangled into it.  You laugh at a witty response, squeal at a delightful scene, cry at the tragic parts (oh, poor Sydney Carton…), and fall in love with all the characters.

But the thing about writing a good book is that in a sense (and if you cultivate a certain amount of brilliance), you can decide what you want your readers to feel.  You can decide the circumstances of the tragic part to make your reader’s feelings just a little different.  A book written well can stick new thoughts into a person and make them learn.  It can even give them a completely new worldview.

Obviously, as authors we have a big responsibility.  To a certain extent we can make them feel differently, think differently… even change their lives.
How are we making them feel?  What are we making them think?  Will their lives be changed in a good way by our writing?
You might think, “I don’t try to manipulate my readers’ feelings or change their minds.  It’s just a story.”

A story is a story, but all stories have some kind of worldview put into them.  What you really think will show up on the page.  Simple bits of the plot will reveal where your values lie and simple details in the tragic parts will really show what you feel.  And, if you’re a good author, your reader might feel the same way.  If they’re good readers, they’ll see from your writings what your values are; what you think and feel.

*raises glass filled with fruit juice*
Here’s to a beautiful lifetime of reading for all the readers and an inspiring lifetime of writing for all the writers!  And may we never stop striving for excellence in our writing.


Anne-girl said...

Delightful blog my dear! So glad you're joining the ranks of writing bloggers! Blogging about writing is so much fun! And your doing the crusade! SQUEEE!

Miss Dashwood said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I'm following this immediately!

Awww, and you linked to me in the sidebar... thank you, duck! :D

Alexandra said...

Hurrah, hurrah!!!!! Soooooooo excited! :-)

And echoing Amy...tanks a wot! :)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Delightful post! You're so right, all writers have a message to their stories, even if it's just the way they make the reader feel when they are reading it. Also a writer's world view, as you say, will definitely come across in their writings, even if they think it doesn't, it will! :)

I hope you don't mind me following your writing blog! I've been enjoying keeping up to date on the progress ya'll make with the Writing Crusade! Ya'll inspire me so much, I may have to dig my writing blog out of the dust bin and post a few things.